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Makeup Monday: Products I didn't like, from brands that I DO like

 First off: I missed posting last Monday! The day just completely got away from me.

The idea for this post came from a video from a beauty YouTuber that I follow, Reagan Hart, called 20 Products I Don't Like from 20 Brands I Like. It got me thinking about my own list, but I don't think I can even name 20 brands that I like, from which I've tried enough products to determine what I like or don't like, so I'm just going to NOT put a number on it :)

Please note that just because I didn't like them, it doesn't mean that they're bad products or that no one should buy them; they just didn't work for me. (So please don't take any of this personally.) 

1. Ere Perez's Rice Powder Blush and Bronzer in Roma

Ere Perez is one of my favorite clean beauty brands, but I found that this was hard to work with. It may have been just the one I received, but it was dry, and I had a difficult time picking up product. (I have heard similar critiques of their eyeshadow palettes, so maybe their powder products just aren't their strong point.)

Equivalent product that I prefer: I don't have an equivalent blush/bronzer compact, but my favorite powder blushes are Aether Beauty's cheek palettes, especially in Amber. My favorite powder bronzer is Fenty's Sun Stalk'r Instant Warmth Bronzer

A product from this brand that I LOVE: Ere Perez does make an AMAZING cheek product--their Carrot Color Pots. It's a multi-use cream, and is just wonderful. (I find it applies really well with the Real Technique's Expert Face Brush.) Right now, in this winter season, I am loving the shade Holy, which is a grape purple.

2. W3ll People's Bio Extreme Lipgloss

I just don't like the scent. To me, it smelled like mouthwash plus medication? It was not the pleasantly-minty scent that other brands use for their lipglosses.

Equivalent product that I prefer: At the moment my all-time favorite clean beauty lipgloss is Fitglow's Lip Serum. (They have a vanilla scent, by the way. Some people don't love that either, but I find it pleasant.) My odd confession is that my favorite shade of theirs is actually their clear one, the Night Lip Serum. (Though, I do have a few colors that I really like!) And yes, they are pricey. I buy these in sets and also use a coupon, so it drives down the price per tube a little (and also, you get a LARGE tube! These aren't dinky little products!)

A product from this brand that I LOVE: Their Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer is quite possibly one of my favorite things. It has a surprising amount of coverage. (Their concealer is pretty awesome too.) I wear shade Medium.

3. Pixi Beauty's Liquid Fairy Lights 

I'm not a glitter-hater at all, but I found the glitter in these to be a bit too chunky for my taste. 

Equivalent product that I prefer: I don't really love the chunky glitter look, but Stila's Glitter & Glow liquid eyeshadows are purportedly really good. I, however, prefer their Shimmer & Glow

A product from this brand that I LOVE: This is going to sound weird, but my absolutely holy grail Pixi Beauty item is their Endless Shade Stick in Matte Cocoa. When I'm doing a one-and-done eyeshadow look, this shadow stick is the perfect shade and blendability for my crease. (Okay, technically, that makes it a two-and-done.) It also works really well for a smudgy eyeliner, because the line is thicker than a normal eye pencil.

4. Ilia's Balmy Gloss Tinted Lip Oil

I REALLY tried to like these more. I don't dislike them (I haven't even decluttered mine yet), but there are just other lipglosses that I like better. I think I'm just not a fan of the "lip oil" texture--it's too thin, too slippy for me. These do have a great amount of pigment, but it's too bad that most of the shades themselves just didn't look great on me. 

Equivalent product that I prefer: I already mentioned my favorite glosses from Fitglow Beauty above, but another gloss option that I really like are Fenty's Gloss Bombs (and they also recently released Gloss Bomb Creams, which are non-shimmery). 

A product from this brand that I LOVE: I love a lot of Ilia, but my hands-down favorite product of theirs is their Multi-Stick, especially in Dreamer. If I had to forsake all other cream blushes, this would be the one I keep.


It's not a bad powder, but it just wasn't as light as I thought it would be. I was coming from the late, great Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder, and Fenty's powder was just not filling those shoes.

Equivalent product that I prefer: Ilia's Soft Focus Finishing Powder is the light silky texture that I prefer in a setting powder.

A product from this brand that I LOVE: I LOVE ME SOME FENTY, and my absolute favorite I-have-found-nothing-else-that-compares product of theirs is their Cheeks Out Cream Bronzer (I wear Macchiato), especially with their Face Shaper brush. That combination is just CHEF'S KISS.


First of all, this line only comes in four shades, and my shade was FAIR, which was the lightest one. While this could be considered a win for darker-skinned individuals (god knows there are not enough brands which skew darker in their complexion products), it's just weird because, when have I EVER been the lightest shade in anything? And secondly, it was pinkish in undertone, too pink for me. 

Equivalent product that I prefer: For a truly equivalent product, the W3ll People tinted moisturizer I mentioned above is a much better option. I am also really liking ELF's Camo CC cream, though I did just buy it this past week and am still trying it out. (I wear Light 240W.)

A product from this brand that I LOVE: Oddly, every makeup item I've tried from Honest Beauty has been rather underwhelming--there's always been some other product from other brands that I like better, even if the Honest Beauty ones aren't bad or anything. However, what I DO love from Honest Beauty are their skincare items. I am super in love with their Organic Beauty Facial Oil, and I also really loved their Prime + Perfect Face Mask (back when I had a spare 5-10 minutes in the morning, before I had a baby and a full work day). The makeup products I would consider repurchasing are their mascara and their eyeshadow palette.

7. First Aid Beauty's Weightless Liquid Mineral Sunscreen

I really appreciated that this SPF product had a natural tan tint to it, but I found the texture to be too slippy--not exactly oily, but something like oily.

Equivalent product that I prefer: I have been trying out various SPF products, and the one I keep coming back to over and over is Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen Tinted Face Mineral Lotion. It's SPF 50, comes in a few different shades, and plays nicely with makeup. The texture reminds me a little bit of makeup primers. (The ingredients list does show dimethicone.)

A product from this brand that I LOVE: Their Bump Eraser Body Scrub is an absolute MUST for me.

Okay, so I got 7 for you :) Again, just because I didn't like them, it doesn't mean that they are terrible products. They just didn't quite work for me.