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I started training at Anchored Strengh & Conditioning in November 2014 while I was preparing for the California International Marathon, and my coaches (Steve and Atsushi) and I have since discovered that maybe THIS is my thing. I'm still really new to this as a sport, but I've been working really hard, and the gains have been plenty :)

In the summer of 2016, I moved to the Portland area, and began training at Savage Barbell Club in Tigard with Team Savage under Jeron Kerridge. 

I also started training a bit with PDX Barbell Club in Hillsboro (because it was closer to home), while still under Jeron's guidance, and at my first-ever sanctioned meet, I broke both national and state records! The following year, I did qualify for Nationals but ended up deciding not to compete, for personal reasons.

At the moment (February 2021), I am starting to lift again after a long, LONG break due to having a baby and then the pandemic forcing gyms to close (and then each one closed down permanently).  I am currently training in my garage gym, working to regain my strength in the hopes of competing again someday.