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Ride or Die

This page is under construction, but I am going to start compiling my holy grail, ride-or-die beauty products. Keep in mind that what works for me might not work for you, but in case you're wondering what I can't live without, here you go! 

(And this sounds weird to say, but of course, these opinions are subject to change, as sometimes things get discontinued, or my skin biome just decides to change or whatever, but let's just say this is what I'm really loving and have repurchased, or would definitely repurchase.)

None of these links are sponsored or affiliate links.

  • Fleur & Bee's entire starter set, but most especially the rosewater toner. I go through that one twice as fast, because it's so nice that I probably spray on more than I really need. 
  • Weleda's Skin Food Light (for when my face needs more moisture) and Skin Food Body Butter
  • Cocokind's mymatcha all-over moisture stick - I apply this to my under-eyes, eyelids, and lips for moisture/prep
  • A konjac sponge for gentle exfoliation while removing my face mask or cleanser, especially at my sink (as opposed to in the shower). This is a link to the Honest Beauty sponge, but it doesn't have to be that one.